Radio RAAF Butterworth

In case you had not noticed, just letting you know that there are some more audio clips on the Radio RAAF Butterworth page, HERE!

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More Giants of Jazz (RRB)

I’ve managed to get some more audio for you from Mike Greyson’s Radio RAAF Butterworth program, Giants of Jazz. This clip runs for about three minutes and is the end of the program.

Go and check it out on RAAF School’s Radio RAAF Butterworth page – HERE.

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Get Together in Penang

I’ve received enquiries from a few people about a forthcoming reunion in Penang. Now before you get too excited I have to say that nothing is planned yet!

However, an email from Jon Mamonski reveals that “the Witherspoon gang” is intending to visit Penang in 2015, possibly September before the school holidays.  They will be staying at the Bayview Beach Resort again and would be pleased to be part of a larger group if others were interested in going too.

So essentially, this blog is to gauge interest in such a happening. Some of you may already be planning a holiday so, it could be an idea, if you were interested, to start thinking about juggling calendars in an effort to be there at the same time!

I’ll keep notes here and in due course, if of benefit, create a page on the website for the purpose.


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RRB – Giants of Jazz

I have received the new RRB audio soundtracks to share with you. Very many thanks to Mike Greyson for sending it to me to make available to everyone.

I have uploaded the first of the series on the webpage directly, as due to copyright issues, it can’t be uploaded to YouTube. Go here and scroll down the page until you see the red ‘New’ symbol, and play the track!

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More RRB Audio

I have today received an email from Mike Greyson who has offered to forward to me, more Radio RAAF Butterworth transmissions! He has recordings taken during the 1967-1968 period and which were originally recorded on reel-to-reel tape. Gathering dust in  his attic for nearly 40 years, he now has them converted to digital format.

I am sure you’ll agree with me that this is a real treat for us all and an important addition to the repository of RRB memorabilia. Stay tuned. Once I receive the disks I’ll make every effort to upload them straightaway – and you’ll hear about it first here.

“A chance for you to listen to the 24-year-olds who are now 70 plus!”
Mike Greyson

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Scanning of Magazines

We have had an offer of help from Noreen Jones (nee Kitchin) to help with scanning of some school magazines. It’s a big task so this is a very welcome offer!

As she does not have copies of her years, she would particularly like to scan those, which are 1981, 1982 and 1983.

Please check your cupboards, and contact me if you are willing to loan your Austral magazine/s and we’ll take it from there. Wouldn’t it be great to have all our magazines available online!

Thank you!

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RAAF Club/Hostel

I am so pleased to be able to share this video with you. It’s one of the more nostalgic ones and it was recorded by Kevin Cragg in 2005, during our school reunion. It shows our private tour through the old hosty – by then in a dilapidated state.  Some great footage here.

Many thanks to Kevin for sending me this and for permission to upload it to our RAAF School  YouTube channel.

Click here to go to the video on YouTube.

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RRB Audio File

Going through more of my stuff, I realise I have audio files of RRB which I never did, or wasn’t able, to upload to the website.

They were recorded, I think all of them, in 1975.

So – I’m in the process of putting them on our very own RAAF School Penang YouTube channel. Go here for the first one, and then click on “RAAF School Penang” to see the others.

Image is of John McConnell at the turntable.


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Radio RAAF Butterworth


I’ve been forwarded an edited DVD of the 21st Anniversary Celebrations of Radio RAAF Butterworth. The contributor of the video was technician in charge in 1982 and was concerned that the material might be lost, so not only is this one way to ensure it won’t be lost and forgotten, but all the people who are most interested in the subject, will be able to view the proceedings at any time.

The best way I can publish it is via YouTube.  ”It runs for about 20 minutes.  A lot of the video is Warren Rout the then OIC of the station and Air Commodore (I think) Bernie Reynolds saying their pieces.  Doris Fleming was one of the original announcers and she has a segment also.”

Click HERE to go to the video on YouTube.  I’ll also update the RRB page on the RAAF School Penang Website – here.



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The SNOWS Club

I’ve had these photos for ages – and only recently managed to scan them.  So here for your interest are three new images of the SNCOs Club.

Go to the Penang Album page for further information and to view other related images.




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