Radio RAAF Butterworth


I’ve been forwarded an edited DVD of the 21st Anniversary Celebrations of Radio RAAF Butterworth. The contributor of the video was technician in charge in 1982 and was concerned that the material might be lost, so not only is this one way to ensure it won’t be lost and forgotten, but all the people who are most interested in the subject, will be able to view the proceedings at any time.

The best way I can publish it is via YouTube.  ”It runs for about 20 minutes.  A lot of the video is Warren Rout the then OIC of the station and Air Commodore (I think) Bernie Reynolds saying their pieces.  Doris Fleming was one of the original announcers and she has a segment also.”

Click HERE to go to the video on YouTube.  I’ll also update the RRB page on the RAAF School Penang Website – here.



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