Over from Facebook – Open Day

See Tracey Stevens’ post on the RAAF School Penang Facebook page. Text copied below (with minor edits).


“OK Lock it in Eddie” Sunday the 17th of April 2016 is the “Open Day” for “Back to RAAF School Penang”, Time to GET A TEAM TOGETHER.

Upon speaking with Suzanne from the Aviation Museum at Amberley,  I am advised it would be wise for a site visit on the 18th October and 15th of November to get a better feel for the displays and deliver what artifacts we have managed to get together.  Who’s coming for a meet and greet?

What the Museum is after is :
1. A series of photographs with a bit of a story to go with them about the school and life on Penang and Butterworth.
2. Display material, any artifacts, posters, books, report cards, memorabilia, uniforms etc to be provided.
Basically if it happened in Malaysia can you write a story about it and send it. I have set up a Hotmail address for all correspondence to go to so it’s in one place.

Address is:


I am currently getting together one address [hopefully with a grant] for everyone to send their precious items to so they all stay together and are catalogued to be sent back by to the owner…stay tuned.

So now is the time for a TEAM to be put together, doesn’t matter where you are in the world your help will be greatly appreciated, What say YOU?


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