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Matthey Family

1965 The Matthey Family leaving for Malaysia

The site has been updated with this photograph of a typical family (the Mattheys) leaving for Malaysia in 1965. This type of image is of great importance to the theme of the website and I am hoping to obtain more in order to continue to improve the repository of information on the RAAF School website.


Thank you to the Facebook members who have responded to my plea for more input. And thank you to Veronica Belcher for contributing this photograph taken on 15th March 1965. I am delighted to have it and I hope you will also be happy to see it and perhaps remember the day you boarded your flight to your new home overseas. It was a big step and for me and at 11 years of age, I remember being thrilled and excited at the prospect of it all. Being my first flight too, it was a very special event. I don’t imagine there would have been many folk who thought to photograph the candid moment, which is what makes this so important.

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