Penang Reunion

Just an update on reunion plans. I’d like to advise that you are welcome to use this forum for your reunion and get-together plans in Penang, next year I think it is. I will not be involved in any way other than posting your info on here. I can’t see my way clear to join you although I would like to very much, it just can’t happen. But I am keen to see a large group trip happen as I know just how much fun you will have.

I would like to add that Karen Kenter from The World @ Braeside Travel has offered to look after co-ordinating your travel plans. You might remember Braeside Travel looked after us for the reunion in 2010 and did a marvellous job of organising travel and varying travel times and dates and departures.  Also, Karen personally travelled to Penang and spent a few days with us there to make sure everything went smoothly.

Here is a link to their website and a package they are currently offering to Singapore. Click on the image.






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