Looking for MacArthy and Debra Bendar

If anyone can help Ibrahim, you can leave a message here or email me at raafschoolpenang@gmail.com. Thanks.


Dear Cynthia,

I came across your site on RAAF School in Penang whilst searching for old friends whom I have lost contact over the years. My name isĀ Ibrahim Ali, a Penangnite and were residing in the Tanjung Tokong (Jalan Bunga Hinai to be specific) area until 1981 before I left Penang for employment in Kuala Lumpur. In my street, my family befriended several RAAF families and 2 particular families are close to us namely the Mac Arthy and De bra Bendar (hope the spelling is correct). Mac Arthy family had 2 sons i.e. Richard and Damien where else De bra Bendar (father named Tony) has 2 daughters (Kim and Robin) and 2 sons (Mark and Cray). I have search the web and tried several approach to find them but hasn’t been successful and it is even difficult when I’m no longer residing in Penang for over 30 years. I’m not sure if your good-self would be able to help me but any info or e-mail contact of them is greatly appreciated. My apology if your site is not into searching or sharing personal info’s but at least it was worth the try in my effort to search for them.
Thanks and warmest regards.
Ibrahim Ali Jabbar


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One Response to Looking for MacArthy and Debra Bendar

  1. Kim says:

    Hi Cynthia, I’m Kim de Brabander and I lived across the road from Ali. Someone on the RAAF School Penang facebook page mentioned that Ali has sent you an email asking about our family hence my email. Im not sure of what contact details you have for Ali but I am happy to email him.

    Cheers kim