Butterworth/Penang Project

The intention of this study is to investigate the social history of the Australian community living in Butterworth/Penang from 1955-1988.

If you were a member of the Australian community in Butterworth/Penang (civilian or military) and you wish to participate, you will be emailed a questionnaire regarding your experience in Butterworth/Penang.

To register your interest, forward your full name and the period during which you resided in Butterworth/Penang, by email to Mathew Radcliffe at mathewradcliffe@hotmail.com.

This project has received ethics approval from HREA Panel B at UNSW, reference number 13 101.

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One Response to Butterworth/Penang Project

  1. I’m a retired RAAF pilot who served at Butterworth from June 1963 to December 1965.
    Married in Jan 1963, we lived at Jesselton Crescent Penang, and our daughter was born in May 1964, when she arrived early before my wife was due, or able, to travel to the British Military Hospital, Taiping. I was detached from 77 Squadron to 79 Squadron Ubon for four 2-month tours, and also to Singapore and to Labuan for fighter operations during the Indonesian Confrontation period.
    I later spent many years as an experimental test pilot, strategic studies analyst, senior RAAF Personnel executive, and DCAF before leaving the PAF in 1997.
    I’d be happy to assist your Butterworth/Penang task.
    AVM R V Richardson AO AFC RAAF (RETD)