Get Together in Penang

I’ve received enquiries from a few people about a forthcoming reunion in Penang. Now before you get too excited I have to say that nothing is planned yet!

However, an email from Jon Mamonski reveals that “the Witherspoon gang” is intending to visit Penang in 2015, possibly¬†September before the school holidays. ¬†They will be staying at the Bayview Beach Resort again and would be pleased to be part of a larger group if others were interested in going too.

So essentially, this blog is to gauge interest in such a happening. Some of you may already be planning a holiday so, it could be an idea, if you were interested, to start thinking about juggling calendars in an effort to be there at the same time!

I’ll keep notes here and in due course, if of benefit, create a page on the website for the purpose.


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12 Responses to Get Together in Penang

  1. Ann Mayfield (nee Gordon) 69, 74-75 says:

    40 years since I left RAAF School Malaysia, have met
    Some friends over the past ten years would love to
    Go back and go down memory lane.

  2. Karen Fawcett says:

    I most definitely woukd be interested in attending reunion in 2015

  3. Pennie Strachan says:

    Please keep me posted. :-)

  4. kirrily welsh says:

    Interested. Please keep me on mailing list regarding any progress for a Penang reunion.

  5. Kathryn Houlahan says:

    The reunion in 2015 sounds very interesting…

  6. Thomas Fehily says:

    We attended the last two reunions in Penang and would be attending again if one goes ahead in September 2015. Let me know when the dates firm.

  7. Richard Roest says:

    Cant believe, that I have only just found the RAAF school at Penang site, it brought the memories rushing back. I was there from 1974 to late late 1976. Would definitely love to attend the reunion in 2015 if it goes ahead.

  8. Julie Rodgers (Mann) says:

    I attended RAAF School Penang April 1974 – April 1977 I would be interested in attending a reunion in Penang 2015. Please keep me informed of the dates etc.

  9. Julie (Mann) Rodgers says:

    Please keep me posted as I would love to attend a reunion in Penang.

  10. Yes, we’d be interested in a Sept 2015 reunion. Please keep us posted. We’ve enjoyed the last two so much, and appreciate all the effort is getting them organised.

  11. Yes, would be very, very much interested in a reunion for RSPers.

  12. sheridan smith says:

    hi Iam planning to be in penang all of July taking youngest for trip. but if i hav pleanty warning i could go back for reunion would love to see the 50-55 year age people.
    there are lots of apartments avail to rent if friends want to get together, and its better than hotels I find.

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