RAAF Club (or Hosty)

RAAF Club in 1964

RAAF Club in 1964

Kevin Cragg emailed me a photo he found of the RAAF Club site as it is today. See below.

The site has  been redeveloped in recent years and is now unrecognisable as our once beloved hub of social activity. How we enjoyed the Joeys Club and other youth dances that were held there.  And the movie nights – what a great time it was.

In 2005 at the school reunion in Penang, a group of us were fortunate enough to have a tour through the then disused site. If we looked hard we could see the lines of the tennis courts buried beneath the tangled overgrowth. Inside the main foyer area, we had a glimpse of what was before when we saw some Australian-State plaques still on the walls.  We looked around and tried to picture what used to be where in the terribly broken, run-down and abandoned interior. It was an emotional hour or two as we slowly and quietly scoured the area – each with our own thoughts. With our fingers we drew our names in the dust on the louvers of the dance hall and once inside we could see the dusty area that was the stage where bands once played songs like My Sentimental Friend and Jesamine. This the place where many of us experienced our first ‘glows’ of romance and I for one fell ‘in love’ with the lead singer in The Super Jets. I’m talking 1969.

Well, in the name of progress this is what you’ll find there now when you visit.  There’s no stopping progress and development, I suppose.

The RAAF Club came into being in January 1962 and became the focus point for much of the social and sporting life of RAAF families during their stay in Malaysia. See more history at RAAF Club.

RAAF Club site in 2013

RAAF Club site in 2013



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