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2005 School Reunion

A little recording I made using my Chinese music tape bought in Penang. Put to photographs of Penang and some of our school reunion there in 2005.  Click here.

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Just a quick note to let you know that I’m just home from 10 days in hospital after open-heart surgery. I’m fine – but a couple of months at least recovery and taking things very, very easy. Therefore not a … Continue reading

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RAAF Club (or Hosty)

Kevin Cragg emailed me a photo he found of the RAAF Club site as it is today. See below. The site has  been redeveloped in recent years and is now unrecognisable as our once beloved hub of social activity. How … Continue reading

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Pamela Rushby

Let’s meet Pamela Rushby, previously Pamela Donald. Pamela’s mother Daphne Donald taught at the old-site school in 1958. I met Pamela at the 2010 Penang school reunion. Did you know that Pamela is an accomplished author? She writes for adults and … Continue reading

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From Lal re Fairdinkum’s Store

I recently received an email from Lal – who lives in Malaysia. Some of you may remember the Fairdinkum’s store which was 5 minutes from the base at Butterworth. Lal’s father ran that business and Lal has made contact with … Continue reading

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